Discerner Archives 2.0

This site existed in its original form in 2005, before its untimely and suspicious deletion. It was to be an in-depth examination of a lot of what many might consider to be the psuedoscientific/pseudohistorical beliefs I'd been exposed to regarding the subject of "conspiracy theory geneology" during the late 90s/early 2000s, but it was mysteriously TOSed and deleted before I could finish. If nothing else, it was an object lesson to frequently back up my work. Some of the material ended up on my old website at cyberalfheim dot info before I rebranded to Cyber Arcadia.

It was my goal to examine certain claims and concepts expressed in books by authors like Henry Lincoln, Richard Leigh, and Michael Baigent, Dan Brown, Laurence Gardner, and Nicholas de Vere, juxtaposed against existing historical, cultural, mytholgical, and archeological studies, in an attempt to understand the memetic impact these claims were having on the developement of the online subcultre of the early-to-mid 2000s - what I like to call the "Conspirasphere" of Web 1.0.

More to come.