about me

Howdy. In my current iteration within the Simulation, I am an IT Professional from the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, having worked in various helpdesk and data center positions in my adult life.

I used to enjoy working on personal websites in my spare time in the days before the social media giants took over. The world may seem more connected now than ever, as we proceed apace towards the cyberpunk future envisioned by the likes of William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, and Philip K. Dick - but it feels like we've lost something along the way.

Cyberspace used to be a glorious anarchy of creative communication and personal expression, unfettered by the controls and invasive algorithms of the current social media platforms. I miss those days. Over the next year, I'm going to make an attempt to break my addiction to fast-paced social media sites like F*ceb**k and Tw*tt*r, and going back to Dreamwidth.org and Neocities is part of this effort.

This site has already gone through a lot of changes in the short time it's been up. Right now it resembles a Matrix fansite more than anything, but what I'm going for is the general ambiance of late 90s-early 2000s cyberpunk.

Let's get one thing clear, right off the bat:

Also: Black Lives Matter, Love Is Love, people are the gender they identify as, etc. These should not be politically subversive statements in the Year Of Our Lord 2020, but here we are.

I belong to Generation X. I am not particular about my pronouns, but I understand why others are and why it is important to them. I am what we used to call "Genderqueer" before "Nonbinary" (ENBY) became the accepted term. I believe that gender is a spectrum, some people fall close to one end or the other, and some don't.

My politics are decidely left-of-center. Right now, I identify an anti-fascist and anti-authoritarian before all else. Want Medicare For All/college debt reform/defunding the police/the Green New Deal? Cool, but none of that's going to happen in the USA until the Reactionaries are out of power. A lot of progressives these days seem to think that centrists and "libs" are icky, but typically "libs" at least understand that fascism is bad, and that social services are necessary for society to function. (And the term "liberals" has been used interchangably with "progressives" throughout most of my life, anyway.)

I voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris because Donald Trump is a fascist, and the Republican party is a fascist organization. And if we're going to have progress, the fascists need to be removed from power, and prevented from ever getting close to power ever again.

More To Come.